80 Days v1.2 APK

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80 DAYS is a breakneck race, with an in-game clock that never stops running. Trains, steamers, hot-air balloons, boats, camels, horses and more leave and arrive minute by minute.

Every city and journey is narrated via an interactive story where you control every action. Will your choices speed you up – or lead you into disaster? Will you earn Fogg’s trust and respect? Will you uncover the secrets and short-cuts that can shave days off your time? Murder, romance, rebellion and intrigue await!

The app is network-connected, with a live feed that shows you the position of all the other players of the game, their routes, triumphs and disasters. You can race to be the fastest – or look ahead to learn the secrets of the world.

Share your own journey with friends, and load other’s routes directly into your app so you can race head-to-head.



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What's New 1.2

MASSIVE CONTENT UPDATE—Adding thirty new cities, over 150,000 words, and two major new world-spanning plotlines. Love, betrayal—thievery, murder—poker and piracy await!”
I have left it on the chimney-piece by itself; leaving it to attract M. Fogg's curiosity, by means of its solitary position, apart from the rest. Though my master has quite perfected his “poker face” (as the Americans call it) I believe he itches to travel once again.

Additional information

Updated: 3 October 2015
Developer: inkle Ltd
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 157 MB
Current Version: 1.2
Download: APK | Userscloud - Zippyshare - Mediafire - Mega
OBB | Userscloud - Zippyshare - Mega
Installation: 1) Install APK
2) Copy ‘com.inkle.eightydays’ folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/obb/’
3) Play