Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) 1.4.4 APK

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21 June 2017
Android 4.0 and up
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This is the Ultimate version that contains all the Pro features of the four wallpapers.

1. Sun Rise Pro — for Morning
2. Blue Sky Pro — for Afternoon
3. Sunset Hill Pro — for Evening
4. Dream Night Pro — for Night
5. (NEW) Aurora Pro — another option for Night

– New Feature: A digital clock display with animation!
– New Feature: Northern Lights (Aurora) sky
– Fireflies for evening and night skies
– Snow falling, with interaction and option to use the accelerometer to change direction when phone is rotated.
– Automatically switches between the above skies throughout the day, using an algorithm to calculate the sun rise and sunset time using your GPS location.
– You can set specific timings for each sky in the Settings, or you can choose to show only your favorite sky.
– Adjust the color of each sky: sepia, neutral, brighter, dimmer
– Contains an extra sky for pre-dawn.
– Contains all settings for each sky (moon, stars, sky color, rainbow, etc.).
– Bird sounds.
– Touch interaction with the birds.
– Parallax effect settings.
– Various other settings for birds, deers, trees, etc.


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What's New

- Added a digital clock display (turn it on in Settings --> Digital Clock), which is turned off by default.
- Added daily random mode for the hill scene.
- Added the setting to set windmill rotation speed to reflect the battery level.
- Due to technical difficulties in release, we separated DayDream mode into its own app (free).
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.