globio Alarm System v2.1.0 APK

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With the globio App you can turn your Android phone into probably the world’s easiest alarm system. The globios help you to extend the alarm system to a professional system. Protect your phone from theft and nosy people. Monitor your apartment, your cellar or your car. Get informed when your bicycle, snowboard or your luggage is moving away. By call, text message or email with photo.

When does the globio App without globios trigger an Alarm? When
– the phone is moved (not in the free version)
– something comes near to or moves away from the proximity sensor
– the ambient brightness changes
– a power source is unplugged from the device
– the phone gets unlocked
– a noise is too loud
– the camera detects motion (not in the free version)

– Processes 7 different internal phone sensors (5 in the free version)
– Processes many different external globio sensors.
– 8 different sounds (custom sounds can be added)
– PIN lock
– takes pictures or record a video when an alarm is triggered
– precise noise detector
– when an alarm is triggered, an email with photos/video/audio or a text message can be sent or a number can be dialed (not in the free version)

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What's New 2.1.0

- Record video or audio and attatch it to an email
- Attach position to email or text message
- Improved all sensors
- Some bug fixes

Additional information

Updated: 17 May 2016
Developer: globio
Requires: Android 3.0 and up
Size: 7 MB
Current Version: 2.1.0
Download: Zippyshare
Download (2): Mediafire
Download (3): Mega