Sorcery! 2 v1.1.3p1 APK

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An epic adventure through Kharé: Cityport of Traps. Begin your story here! (Part 1 not required.)

Dare you journey into Kharé, a town of thieves and murderers on the brink of destruction?

+ Fully interactive story written on fly around on your actions and choices
+ Plot your own path down every street of the hand-drawn 3D city map
+ Go down into the sewers, aboard ship, or inside buildings with new interior maps
+ 3D spell-casting system: cast over 48 spells, with weird and wonderful story-changing effects
+ New gambling game: can you outwit the citizens of Kharé at Swindlestones?
+ Over thirty different monsters to fight with our unique strategic combat
+ More than double the content of Part 1: over 300,000 words, with 10,000 choices, and every one is remembered
+ Play as a male or female hero
+ Start your adventure from here – or load your characters from Part 1



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What's New 1.1.3p1

- Fixed a crash in the prologue
- Fixed a bug that could stop the scholar's puzzle displaying correctly

Additional information

Updated: 25 August 2015
Developer: inkle Ltd
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 227 MB
Current Version: 1.1.3p1
Download: APK | Userscloud - Zippyshare - Mediafire - Mega
OBB | Userscloud - Mega
Installation: 1) Install APK
2) Copy ‘com.inkle.sorcery2’ folder to ‘/sdcard/Android/obb/’
3) Play