PolyClock World Clock v6.13 APK

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29 April 2015


The world-class world clock. Day, night, and time zones at a glance on digital & analog clocks, map and globe. Timezone troubles solved with PolyClock’s exclusive daylight clock technology.

– Exclusive daylight clock technology illustrates time differences by comparing day & night between cities
– Day, night, & extent of time zone displayed on map & globe
– Supports all current time zone changes
– Set alarms for any time zone on your list
– Plan meetings with just a swipe of the finger, or jump directly to any date/time
– Double-tap any clock for even more details: sunrise, sunset, DST…
– Can automatically correct your phone’s time zone setting
– Easily add any city on Earth, as many clocks as you like
– Lots of appearance options
– Will work without Internet connection – great for travel
– Uses its own internal timezone database, insulated from obsolete time zones on your device
– 3 styles of widget; all are resizable on Android 3.1+, and available in multiple sizes on earlier OS versions

Ideal for:
· Business people dealing with multiple time zones
· People with friends and family in other time zones
· Travelers
· Time geeks

Supports installation to SD card. However: doing so will disable the widgets. This is a “feature” of Android, and isn’t something I can fix. See http://bit.ly/icwTHi.