SailGrib WR – Weather Routing v1.9.1 APK

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29 December 2015


SailGrib WR is an easy to use sailing weather routing app with a very sophisticated engine under the hood.

It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers.
It calculates the fastest sailing route to your destination along a route with waypoints.

It now includes:
– the Météo France models:
– Arpege – Global 0.5°
– Arpege – Europe – High Resolution 0.1°
– Arome – France – Ultra High Resolution 0.025°
– a full set of atlases of tidal currents for all the European coasts. A SailGrib WR exclusivity.
– a tide module which calculates and displays tides level predictions around the world.
– a virtual regatta option to help you win games

In SailGrib WR, you can specify amongst other parameters:
– the wind grib file: SailGrib WR includes the regular SailGrib features.
– the start, the destination points and intermediary waypoints
– the departure date and time,
– the speed polar file of your boat. SailGrib WR uses regular Maxsea polar files (.pol extension)
SailGrib WR includes a set of more than 100 polar files for different sailboats.
– wind limits up and downwind
– minimum upwind angle for comfort while cruising
– night efficiency loss for cruising
– mixed routing: use your engine if you are too slow sailing.
– the current